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 #1 wholesale sterling silver importer  of rings, toe rings, earrings, pendants,  anklets    faceted jewelry     from      Thailand                                                          and       handmade AMBER and TURQUOISE jewelry

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 SILVER SUN jewelry  53 Scotland rd. Newbury, Ma. 01951  toll-free... 1-888-462-0558
  importer and wholesaler of quality sterling silver from Thailand
wholesale sterling silver jewelry, Importer and manufacturer of quality sterling  silver jewelry from Thailand, silver Rings, silver Toe rings , silver anklets, silver bracelets and we also carry wholesale HEMP jewelry
  We ship from Thailand or U.S.A. office... rings ,toe rings genuine stone rings, pendants, amber, turquoise....  
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  wholesale jewelry distributor from Thailand       

We stock a complete line of wholesale sterling silver jewelry

In 1982, Silver sun Jewelry began importing  wholesale Sterling Silver jewelry from Mexico.  And today We still carry many wholesale  jewelry styles from there. Over the years we discovered that we like the quality and workmanship of the Thailand Sterling silver jewelry, especially the many beautiful ring styles . Over the years we carried wholesale jewelry from many countries and now we make jewelry items in the countries that have the best best workmanship for the particular jewelry item. We are proud of our wholesale silver jewelry especially our  wholesale sterling silver rings and  silver toe rings. we make many  sterling silver jewelry styles ourselves and the quality and designs are excellent. If you want large wholesale jewelry orders we can ship them directly from our jewelry office in Thailand or from our office in the U.S.A.
If you have sterling silver jewelry styles that you want made, we can make reasonable quantities for you within about 3 weeks. Call for a price quote . wholesale silver jewelry
Silver sun Jewelry manufactures and stocks hundreds of styles of sterling jewelry. Since we are constantly designing and manufacturing new jewelry styles  there are many  sterling silver  jewelry designs and non- sterling fashion jewelry designs that are not shown on our web- site. If you click on the blinking catalog icon at the top of the page  it will take you to catalog page where you can view a good representation of our wholesale jewelry selection.
SILVER SUN wholesale silver JEWELRY IS ONE OF THAILAND'S LEADING IMPORTERS OF WHOLESALE STERLING SILVER JEWELRY. SINCE 1982 WE HAVE BEEN SUPPLYING WHOLESALE AND RETAIL jewelry customers WITH THE BEST QUALITY sterling SILVER JEWELRY AT COMPETITIVE PRICES. If you are interested in purchasing wholesale silver jewelry with silver sun   you have found one stop shopping. In addition to a great sterling silver rings, silver toe rings, silver anklets, etc.,    we also carry a complete line of wholesale  hemp jewelry, cowrie shells , industrial jewelry, alpaca bracelets from Mexico and much more. We also carry a large selection of wholesale sterling silver jewelry with faceted genuine stones
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 including Peridot,, amethyst, citrine, garnet, blue topaz and more

We are  a sterling silver importer and wholesaler  of beautiful sterling silver jewelry including  sterling toe rings, anklets, stone rings. We stock hundred of styles of rings and toe rings, anklets, etc.  for immediate shipment from our U.S.A. office assorted ring trays (stone)

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  We stock a full line of jewelry including sterling silver earrings, necklaces, toe rings, anklets, faceted silver jewelry and fashion jewelry including Hemp  jewelry and cowrie shells necklace s
 Importer and manufacturer of quality sterling  silver jewelry from Thailand,
We ship from Thailand or U.S.A. office... rings ,toe rings genuine stone rings, pendants, amber, turquoise....


wholesale jewelry from Thailand amber , turquoise, sterling silver jewelry

We are a Thailand jewelry distributor