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Wholesale jewelry and sterling silver jewelry, Hemp, cowrie, puka, etc.


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wholesale jewelry silver jewelry from Thailand

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wholesale jewelry

KRISTINSCOWRIE.jpg (79322 bytes)                   cowrie

hempwebgood.jpg (201148 bytes) 


new cowrie hemp.jpg (126428 bytes)  cowrie and hemp hempgirls.jpg (131567 bytes)    girls hemp   LARGE HEMP
turquoiseceramic.jpg (200746 bytes)                 ceramic neck with turquoise wholesale jewelry        hemp tubes ceramslategood.jpg (60437 bytes)  ceramic necks  wholesale jewelry spikeslate.jpg (55701 bytes) spikes colored beads


    dyed puka  

PUKAPOULIN.jpg (99196 bytes) puka

sunglasses.jpg (51290 bytes) sunglasses


cutout.jpg (80050 bytes) CUT OUT
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wholesale sterling and turquoise
wholesale sterling silver toe rings
wholesale sterling silver earrings
wholesale sterling silver amber jewelry
wholesale silver jewelry mens rings
wholesale silver jewelry womens rings
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We are  a wholesale sterling silver importer and wholesaler  of beautiful wholesale sterling silver jewelry including  sterling toe rings, anklets, stone rings. We stock hundred of styles of rings and toe rings, anklets, etc.  for immediate shipment from our U.S.A. office. We stock the finest wholesale silver jewelry. Our wholesale silver jewelry is the finest quality. We can manufacture and ship your wholesale silver jewelry order directly from Thailand or from our  wholesale silver jewelry office in the U.S. Please call for jewelry price quotes on large quantities.    We also stock a large inventory of wholesale sterling silver jewelry, including rings, toe rings etc. for immediate shipment in the U.S.

wholesale silver jewelry and wholesale jewelry

Wholesale jewelry sterling silver jewelry, Hemp, cowrie, puka, etc. and wholesale silver jewelry